The Book of Mormon Youth Conference: Moroni’s Promise

If you aren’t LDS, you may have heard about a peculiar book called “The Book of Mormon.” No, I’m NOT talking about the broadway musical. I’m talking about the actual book. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ that was written, preserved, and translated by prophets for us. The Book of Mormon is true, not fiction, and it’s a gift from God.

It was meant to help us in our lives in this day and age, to testify of Christ, to help us learn more about Him, and to confirm the truths found in the Holy Bible. It’s a powerful book, and I love it. Ancient prophets recorded stories about their people {the Nephites and the Lamanites} onto plates and even though they didn’t know why God was telling them to do so, they believed it was for a greater purpose. Those plates became the Book of Mormon.  This is what it looks like:

book of mormon

You might be wondering what it’s about. Simply, it teaches us how to be find true happiness. 

I just finished reading the Book of Mormon myself. In fact, I think it may have been the first time I had actually finished it myself.  I have read it off and on my whole life. I studied it in seminary as a youth, and I have studied it in Sunday school many times,  but I had never read it cover to cover in succession. As a lifelong member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, that’s kind of embarrassing to admit. But, even though I had never read it start to finish, I had never questioned it’s truthfulness. In fact,  I had felt God’s hand in my life confirming that the church was true in other ways, but I didn’t have a sure testimony of the Book of Mormon yet. I believed it was true, but I didn’t KNOW until now. {Hopefully that distinction makes sense}.

In January, our Bishop challenged us to read the BOM, and to read it fast. I read the entire book with my family in three months. After having this experience, my love for the Book of Mormon has changed me forever. I now have a sure testimony of its truthfulness.  I know it’s a true book. I know Joseph Smith was guided by God and translated the Book of Mormon for our benefit. And just as I know Joseph Smith is real prophet, I also believe that Satan is real, and that he did not want the Book of Mormon and the restored gospel to be brought back on to the Earth. And because of that, I know there is a lot of opposition to the book and to Joseph. 

The stories in the Book of Mormon are wonderful, and they help us learn of what God expects of us, the dangers of pride, and how to return to Him after making mistakes. 

If you believe in Christ, you will love the Book of Mormon, in fact, after Christ was crucified, the Book of Mormon discusses people across the world from that event, and describes when Christ visited those in the Americas. 

A few months ago, I had the privelage to help with our Stake Youth Conference, and it was based on the stories of the Book of Mormon.  {Youth Conference is an event where LDS youth ages 14-18 get together for a few days to strengthen testimonies, make friends, serve, and learn about Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ.} It’s kind of like Girls’ Camp {which I have discussed before on All Things Thrifty, but Youth Conference is for both boys and girls.} 

I am grateful for the opportunity I have to share my love for this book, and if you want to know more about some of the stories and for details on our Book of Mormon Youth Conference, stay tuned, I’ll have that post up soon. 


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