Peg Doll and Playset Ideas

I adore painting peg dolls and coming up with fun new ways that they can be played with and displayed. If painting dolls just isn’t for you, you can find all of these peg people sets in my Etsy store. Peg dolls make wonderful, unique gifts. 

These flower peg girls and flowers are great for teaching colors and color matching. The dolls rest perfectly on top of the flowers. 
This donut baking set started off as a game that I made for my son’s montessori preschool class. The kids loved the bright colors and found a lot of different ways to play with the donuts and plates. They stacked them, matched them and also created patterns. To complete the set I added the peg doll baker, sprinkles jar and rolling pin. 
Recently I combined my love of painting story stones with peg dolls to make fun little story sets. 
This is rainbow girl, her best friend rainbow bug and her magic rainbow cloud. 
Rainbow girl even has her own rainbow shelf in my craft room. 
Sunflowers are my favorite so of course I had to paint a little sunflower doll, complete with her own special flower pot. 
Outer space girl is always followed by her shooting stars wherever she goes. 
Lightning Bolt man was a fun doll I created for my son one day after we had a freak thunderstorm. He creates storms with a simple wave of his thunder wand. 
If there’s a special peg doll or story set you’d like customized just for you, I’d love to paint it. Just send me a message at my Etsy store.
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