Roundhouse Designs makes creative web sites for creative businesses and people like you. We’ll get down to the nitty gritty of what makes your brand tick and whip it up into website form. Need a killer website that gives a clear picture of who you are and what you do? Let’s get started.

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Who We Are

Roundhouse Designs is a boutique, full-stack development studio that creates unique, singular websites for businesses, nonprofits, blogs, and individuals. From design to implementation to hosting, we excel at helping your or your company make the most of your web presence, building each site from scratch. We take pride in our ability to find what’s unique about you and your brand and whip it up into website form.

Ryan Foy (design + direction) and Nick Gaswirth (technology + administration) are Roundhouse Designs’ two-man development squad, established in 2008. They earned their BFAs in musical theatre at the University of Michigan together and lived in a crappy college apartment nicknamed The Roundhouse, after the Nickelodeon variety show of the same name back in the early ’90s. They moved to New York and after performing on and off Broadway and around the world, they started building websites for other actors and artists.

Roundhouse Designs has built and launched over 200 websites for businesses and individuals, and we’d love to chat about adding you to our family.

Stuff We Do

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    WordPress Development
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    Managed Web Hosting
  • Branding + Logo
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    SquareSpace Design
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    Responsive Design
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    VPS Solutions