God answers every prayer promptly

August 6, 2018 | No comments yet

Do you realize that God hears every one of your prayers and answers it promptly?

Jesus said, “…your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him!” (Matt. 6:8, NLT). And because God is Love, you can be 100% assured that He has already put in place what you need before you even think you have a need. You never lack.

So, prayer is not about getting something we don’t have. It’s about waking up to what we already have.

When we pray and think our need has not been meant, that’s usually a sign that we’re looking for the wrong thing. What God thinks we need and what we think we need are often different, and God is going to have the final say. So, it is well that we get super humble and listen sincerely for what God is providing, rather than outlining what we want.

For instance, when suffering with a health problem, the human mind typically wants physical healing immediately. Few like to suffer. However, God may be thinking, “There needs to be some moral and spiritual regeneration first.”

Physical healing is often preceded by moral and spiritual improvement. So, if the full healing hasn’t come yet, that doesn’t mean God is ignoring us. It means we need to appreciate the moral and spiritual demand of the moment to allow the full healing to come. First the moral upgrade, followed by spiritual, then the physical will follow.

You are never ignored by God. He plans ahead, sees all your potential needs, and ensures everything is in place for you to be fully supplied. Always.

God’s guidance to healing is coming to you now in the form of spiritual messages from divine Mind that enlighten your thought and take it to a better, to a more spiritual place. As you faithfully follow these heavenly way-showers, they will lead you to complete healing—moral, spiritual and physical.

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