Month: August 2012


August 18, 2012

YOTREPS: YES TIME: 2012/08/18 07:47 LATITUDE: 08-44.45S LONGITUDE: 115-12.80E COMMENT: Beach House – DOCKED – Bali Marina, Bali, Densapar We have arrived at Bali Marina. We expect to be here about 2+ weeks. KIT, Scott and Nikki


August 16, 2012

YOTREPS: YES TIME: 2012/08/16 10:12 LATITUDE: 08-21.95S LONGITUDE: 116-04.94E COMMENT: Beach House – MOORED – Gili Air Island


August 15, 2012

YOTREPS: YES TIME: 2012/08/15 06:16 LATITUDE: 08-21.81S LONGITUDE: 116-07.76E COURSE: 202T SPEED: 1.1 COMMENT: Beach House – MOORED – Medang Anchorage, Lombok

So much for a “Marina”. It’s an exposed, bouncing floating dock in an open roadsted anchorage. We picked up a mooring instead. Welcome to Indonesia!…:-) I’ve updated blogs on the website through today at: