Month: January 2015

Position Report – Russell Island – Eleuthra – The Bahamas…..

January 31, 2015

TIME: 2015/01/31 21:32
LATITUDE: 25-32.46N
LONGITUDE: 076-45.36W
COMMENT: Beach House – ANCHORED – Russell Island – Eleuthra – The Bahamas

Yesterday, we met a lovely Dutch couple onboard s/v “Elisa”, their 54 foot aluminum sloop.
We met them on the Ferry to Harbor Island, which travels via “The Devil’s Backbone” route. We rented a golf cart, saw the sights
and had a lovely lunch at “Sip, Sip”. We walked on the pink sand beaches and people watched.

Today, Nikki and I found some great marine supplies we needed, topped up the fuel and fridge. The island style here is a bit “Forrest Gump on the Bayou”…:-)
I practically expected to see Captain Dan or Forrest Gump….I actually may have?..:-)

The people are extremely nice and helpful. We’ll be off early tomorrow for the Berry Islands,
possibly Chubb Cay, but we’re not sure. It should be a blustery 55 mile or so downwind sail!..

Scott and Nikki

Position Report – St. Georges Cay, Eleuthra – The Bahamas

January 29, 2015

TIME: 2015/01/29 22:30
LATITUDE: 25-32.45N
LONGITUDE: 076-45.36W
COMMENT: Beach House -DOCKED-St. Georges Cay, Eleuthra – The Bahamas

We left on the falling tide from Little Harbour on Great Abaco at 0710 am this morning. The day turned out to be great sailing as we covered the 58 miles.
In about 8 hours. The winds were 13-20 knots from the NNE with a 2 meter swell. We needed propane and want to do a bit of marketing before heading out so we
took two nights here at Yacht Haven Marina (where we appear to be the only boat!). Tomorrow, we’ll take the Ferry from here to Harbour Island which is the supposed posh spot of the island. It takes the route of the “Devil’s Backbone” which is shallow, winding and full of bommies. As such, we’ll let them do the driving.
They’re fast and it’s about 15 miles each way.

The weather should lighten for the next few days, but then seems to come back strong off the coast of Central Florida. We’ll keep an eye out.
Scott and Nikki

Position Report – Little Harbour, South Tip of Great Abaco Island – The Bahamas

January 28, 2015

TIME: 2015/01/28 18:02
LATITUDE: 26-19.60N
LONGITUDE: 076-59.92W
COMMENT: Beach House – MOORED – Little Harbour, Southern Tip of Great Abaco Island

Yesterday, we rented bikes and took a tour of Elbow Cay including a nice stop off at Sea Breeze Marina (lunch) and the pink sands of Tahiti Beach.

We’ve been under the influence of the weather that has hit the Northeast USA hard. We’ve had strong northerlies which should turn more to the NNE
tomorrow and back off a little. It should make for a brisk sail to Eleuthra where we will stay on the west side at Spanish Wells. It’s a long day tomorrow,
about 63 miles or so. We’ve moved 15 miles to the south of Hope Town today through the shallow Abaco Sea. Glad to have that behind us and get closer to Eleuthra
for tomorrows sail.

We have internet today, but tomorrow we will only be back on email.
Scott and Nikki