Site Re-Launch – Nick Gaswirth

I mentioned yesterday that our very own Nick Gaswirth was making his Broadway debut in A Christmas Story. And it just so happens that we have re-launched his website to coincide with the opening of his show! Here is a fun little before and after of his home page. Before:And after:

As you can see, we kept the design elements the same, but made everything brighter, larger, and prettier. This was one of our very first sites that we designed together, back when we had it in our heads to try to fit everything into a tiny 600px x 800px box. Boy, am I glad we outgrew that little habit.

We also transitioned the site into a WordPress CMS so that Nick could start using it as a blog for his personal photography when the time comes. Go check out the site, and be sure to go see A Christmas Story if you are in New York. It got a rave review in The New York Times yesterday, so be sure to get your tickets soon!

A Site For Sore Eyes – J. Casey Barrett

Here is another example of a single-page scrolling site like this one that I featured a few weeks ago. I love sites like this, and I am waiting for the right opportunity to build one that utilizes this cool technique. This site is for J. Casey Barrett, a performer who is about to go on tour with The Book of Mormon. I can’t tell who designed the site, but I love the color scheme and the beautiful design elements.

While I love the scrolling elements, I would suggest to add a bit of navigation to the site. As it stands now, there is no way to jump down to a specific section of the site, you have to scroll through each section in order. This may get especially tricky for him once he starts adding more news items to the page. Go scroll around a bit and see what you think.

In unrelated news, congratulations are in order for Nick Gaswirth who is making his Broadway debut tonight in A Christmas Story! Huzzah!


MobileMe is closed

Has this happened to you? You made your site on your Mac, and Apple went and pulled the rug right out from under you? I don’t condone building your site on a template builder (like or iWeb) for a lot of reasons, but this is by far the biggest one. The shut down of MobileMe left a lot of small websites in the lurch with a big neon “Closed” sign. We all know technologies change and progress, but you have to make sure your online identity and properties are protected against things like this. Do you know for sure that your website is going to be there when it matters? Be careful you don’t miss out on a job or lose a sale because of outdated technology!