A Visit To New York

A Christmas Story

I took a little trip to NYC last week to see Nick in A CHRISTMAS STORY. The show was absolutely fantastic! It is always a treat to see a friend performing on a Broadway stage. It was a week full of shows, catching up on everything I have missed since the move to LA. I saw BRING IT ON, ONCE, ANNIE, THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD, and the extra special treat of seeing my good friend Laurel Harris play Eva in EVITA.


Being back in New York was a nice reminder of everything I love about the city and how much I liked living there. I miss our friends and the community, but I don’t miss the MTA and the tiny apartments. Ideally, I want to be living a bi-coastal life; spending half the year in California and half the year in New York. Let’s see if I can make it happen.

Site Launch – Benjamin Schrader

Benjamin Schrader

Benjamin Schrader is currently saying “Hello” every night in The Book Of Mormon on Broadway. He plays a few roles in the show, but you can pick him out when he belts out that “Hello” in the opening number. His former website was a victim of the dreaded MobileMe shutdown, so we were glad to set him up with a fresh new look.

Benjamin Schrader

We designed something clean and precise that showed off Ben’s personality. While his fan following keeps a tumblr blog of all of his personal happenings, we decided to keep this site as simply a presentation of his professional credits and production photos. Be sure to follow him on twitter, and go see The Book Of Mormon if you haven’t yet!

Benjamin Schrader Resume

Site Launch – Rhett George

Rhett George

I saw Rhett George play Gator when MEMPHIS came through LA a couple of months ago. After the show, I was looking through the playbill to check out some of the performers websites, and Rhett’s old site appeared to have been hacked. I contacted him to let him know, and it turned out he needed a new website altogether. So we got to work.

Rhett George

He wanted a site that could feature all of his ongoing projects, including his music, his acting career, and his web series. His pictures were all so bright and fun, we wanted to create a backdrop that fit his personality to showcase them. We came up with a wood background and a paint splatter effect on his images. It turned out to be an awesome combination.

Rhett George

Keep an eye out for Rhett as MEMPHIS travels across the country, it is a great show that everyone should see!