Site Launch – The Craftsman Blog

The Craftsman BlogThe Craftsman Blog is run by Scott Sidler out of Orlando, Florida. His business is called Austin Home Restorations and he specializes in restoring and maintaining historic homes. He has been blogging at The Craftsman Blog for a couple of years now, and wanted to create a new look for the site.

He had already hosted a competition for a new logo over at, and they came up with a winner. Once his logo was finalized, we built upon the color scheme and design elements to flesh out a fully realized theme for the blog. Scott has a lot of great information for do-it-yourself home repair and I can’t wait to see his site grow!

Scrolling News vs. Single Posts

ExtraI touched on this topic a bit last July, but a client recently asked my opinion about it so I thought I would revisit the issue. What is the best way to feature your latest news and accomplishments on your website? A scrolling feed of all of your postings going back chronologically to when you launched your site, or a curated single post of your most recent accomplishments and gigs?

Unless you are blogging and keeping a searchable archive of your newsfeed, I am firmly in the camp of a single post latest news page. It depends on a lot of factors, like how much time has passed between your updates and how often you update your site, but I like to see a latest news area with only relevant events that have recently occurred or are coming up.

If you have a blog feed, you can be going into more detail about your accomplishments and events. WordPress has a feature called Sticky Posts that allow for certain items to stay at the top of your feed so that your current events don’t get lost below the fold if you are posting a lot. If your site doesn’t have a blog attached to it, your news page is where people go to see your most current information. Items on your home page should have an expiration date for when they are no longer relevant. That doesn’t mean that old items have to be deleted from the internet, but rather those items belong elsewhere on your site. Jobs belong on your resume, events that have been recorded belong on your media page, and news items belong on your press page.

Ultimately, the point of your site is to put your best face forward and curate your online persona. You have to decide what information you want  out there for people to see and how to present it. Does your short film from 3 years ago deserve the same feature as the show you are performing in this week? You be the judge.