Site Launch – Letter Perfect Transcription

In addition to being a spectacular musician and actress, Joanna Parson also runs a small business called Letter Perfect Transcription. Her website for her business “needed a shave” so to speak, so we gave her an all new design.

Letter Perfect


Letter Perfect will take any media, from a short interview to a full spoken autobiography, and get the spoken word onto the printed page. Their clients include authors, businesses, and production companies. Key to this WordPress build was the ability to grow her business with new client interaction technology. We built a custom site that allows for her clients to upload their media directly via the browser window instead of through alternate channels like FTP or the good old fashioned postal service.

If you need anything transcribed, be sure to give Joanna a call!

Site Launch – Leslie Henstock

Leslie HenstockLeslie Henstock is another one of our Michigan musical theatre classmates. While we weren’t at school at the same time, Nick and I have both worked with Leslie at other points in our careers. Nick and Leslie were on tour together last year in A CHRISTMAS STORY, and she and I worked together for a bit at Audience Rewards.

Her site has been in development for a while now, so we are glad to finally unveil it to the interwebs.  She wanted to be able to blog about her life as an actress in New York, so we built the site on WordPress. We wanted to make sure and feature all of her beautiful photos by one of our favorite photographers, Laura Marie Duncan. We hope this site will help Leslie along in her performance career, her teaching, and also help promote her unique PYMK cabaret series.

Henstock photos


Site Launch – Sam Yahyawi

Sam Yahyawi

Sam Yahyawi found us via our experiment with print advertising in Backstage magazine. While we got a few crazy phone calls, we did get a new client. At the end of the day, I call that a successful ad campaign.

Sam needed a basic actor website to feature his credits, his recently published book of plays, and his reel. He also had us do the video editing on his reel. We are always happy to offer multiple services to our clients. Ultimately, I am really happy with how this site turned out. It is clean, professional, and light.


Site Re-Launch – Adam Wachter

Adam Wachter


Adam Wachter has been one of our clients for quite a while now, and we were excited for the opportunity to rebrand his website. If you are an actor in New York, you have probably met Adam once or twice, since he is often sitting behind the piano at any number of musical theatre auditions in the city. In addition to being a great keyboardist, he is also an accomplished composer and music director. He wanted a new site that featured his various projects and would also allow him to blog about his latest news.

Nick worked really hard to accomplish the fully custom functionality on this project. The site all lives on a single page and expands or contracts depending on what content you are trying to view. The latest news feed shows the latest 3 blog posts and then grows like a pinterest board if you want to see more. The projects pages all fade into one another and show off all of Adam’s music according to medium. We are super proud of this one, so go click around and let us know what you think!