Alex Gross

I love are old photography and science fiction. So when I came across Alex Gross and his mixed media artwork I quickly became obsessed. One of his projects is to take antique portraits and paint over them so they become icons of comic books, science fiction, and history. Here are a few of my favorites.


X-Wing Fighter Pilot


Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch


The Tinman




Bizarro Superman

Check out the rest of Alex’s awesome collection at The Art of Alex Gross.

Site Launch – Ashley Blanchet

Ashley Blanchet


Ashley Blanchet is a friend from our time at Michigan, and she has had some amazing success on Broadway of late. She is currently belting the roof off of the Palace Theatre as the Star-To-Be in ANNIE. She wanted a fairly simple site that would just showcase her credits and give her a place to show off some of production photos and performance videos. We actually went through a couple of design rounds with her, and finally ended up with a darker themed site. Be sure to catch Ashley in ANNIE if you are in New York, and if you see her at the stage door be sure to tell her that we sent you to say hello!

Site Launch – Luxe Look Book

Luxe Look Book


I met Michelle Hall at Alt Summit this year, and she contacted me soon after the conference to discuss a blog design for her new company, Luxe Look Book. She wanted a clean and beautiful space online to share her passion for design, fashion, and travel. She comes from a marketing background and was starting from scratch, so we helped her create her new brand. We designed her logo and taught her the basics of WordPress and now she is on her way to becoming the next blogging superstar!

New York 4 Oklahoma

NY4OKWhen our friend and client Eli Zoller approached us to donate some time and webspace to a charity project he was working on, we jumped at the opportunity. Eli has helped to organize a benefit concert to raise funds for relief from the recent tornado disasters in Oklahoma. Here is some info about the concert, please go support the cause if you are in New York!

On June 17th, New York will be coming together for a one night only, star-studded benefit concert to raise funds for the public school art programs completely devastated by the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma.

The national coverage of the destruction has touched us all; the seventh grader standing in the rubble of her school and longingly pointing to where her choir room used to be. We, as artists, understand at such a deep level that expression through art can educate, enlighten, and heal. Just as the first grade teacher had her children singing and playing as loud as they could to drown out and comfort them during the tornado, fine arts programs can help the children to process what happened and be excited about going back to school in Oklahoma. But unfortunately, we all know far too well that arts programs will be amongst the last to be rebuilt…but YOU can do something about that.

On June 17th we will be joining the power that is our artistic community for those kids in Oklahoma. Live music performed by stars of Film, TV and Broadway, a silent auction, and raffled prizes will provide a high-spirited and entertaining evening.

All proceeds from this night will be donated to Disaster Relief for Fine Arts in Oklahoma.

Please join us at NY4OK: A Benefit Concert for Oklahoma Tornado Relief– your help will make a huge difference.

Please visit!