Site Launch – Yellow Bug Quilts

Yellow Bug Quilts

I met Rachel Rodgers at Alt Summit earlier this year, and she held on to my business card until she was ready to launch her online quilt business. She makes all her beautiful quilts by hand in Arizona, and will create any custom design you can think up. We also built a blog section of the site so she can start chronicling her quilt creation and post patterns and tutorials online.

Yellow Bug Quilts

We were also happy to create her new logo. It was inspired by her first car, a 1972 yellow VW Bug. Go visit her site and leave her some love on the blog. I’m tempted to order myself a cozy quilt one of these days!

Site Launch – Calm By Casey

Calm By Casey

 Casey Tuma is one of our actress clients who has started a small business and asked us to create a new site for her. Hence, Calm By Casey was born. She wanted something simple, so we decided on just creating a landing page where people could see some brief testimonials about her services and then sign up for a newsletter to hear more information. She had already created a set of business cards and we developed the design and color palette based on those. We are especially proud of the nifty testimonial slider that we added to the page. If you are in need of some organizational help in your life, check her out!