Site Launch – Rose Path Weaving



Regina at Rose Path Weaving found us when we designed a site for Yellow Bug Quilts, as they often work together on projects. She had been blogging on blogger, and had a generic godaddy builder website as the business homepage. We helped her consolidate the blog and the site onto one custom designed WordPress theme. We also designed a new logo for her business.

Eventually, their site will grow to include an online shop where you can purchase high quality yarn and have it shipped anywhere in the country. For now, check out their blog for weaving tips and all kinds of great projects.

Site Launch – MAC NYC


We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for The Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs! We were approached by their organization to create a new site for them after Nick worked with one of their board members on A Christmas Story last winter. MAC had a website already, but it was not providing the functionality that the organization needed to communicate with their members.

We developed a new design theme for them using their pre existing logo, and then decided to partner with Memberclicks to provide them with a fully integrated membership network. Our half of the site is built on WordPress and will allow them to blog and keep a chronicle of the MAC Award winners for many years to come.