A Site for Sore Eyes – Tom Burke Voice Studio

tomburkeTom Burke saved my voice a few years ago. I had just come back from a stressful job with a ton of uncomfortable travel, and my body was in bad shape. Due to that, the upper register of my voice had all but disappeared. I went and took some lessons with Tom, and with his help (plus some yoga and a chiropractor) I was back in top shape lickety split.

Tom runs a voice studio in New York, and also teaches lessons via the web. His new website is clean and beautiful, and is also super clever. The slideshow on the homepage has a bunch of different images all with dual meanings. Each photograph features a certain type of actor, and is accompanied by a phrase that references a musical theatre piece and also just references the actor’s voice training and personality. It is an incredibly effective marketing technique, and I thought I would share a few of my favorites here. Can you guess which show they refer to?

queen newsies mormon matilda dreamgirls



Site Launch – Lynne Shankel

lynne shankelLynne Shankel worked with us a bit while we were students at University of Michigan, and we were more than thrilled to help her get her first website online. Lynne is an amazing musician who has worked all over the world as an orchestrator, arranger, and music director. We decided to try something new with her website, and built a side-scrolling site. You can use the navigation to jump between pages, or scroll to the right to see the whole package roll out in front of you.

Throughout the site, we also implemented a bunch of widgets that you can click through to see more info about her work and projects. We especially like the discography widget that lets you see different album covers of recordings she has been featured on. The fun photography session featured on the site is by Amy Coady, and funnily enough, the sheet music book in the last photo is the actual music Lynne learned to play the piano on when she was a little kid.

Be sure to check out the site and follow Lynne on twitter! We’re stoked to hear some new music from ALLEGIANCE that will be posted online soon.


Site Launch – Wendy Seyb

wendy seyb
Wendy Seyb met Nick while they were working together on a new show in the Fringe festival a couple years ago. Wendy is a director and choreographer who has worked on THE PEE WEE HERMAN SHOW, THE TOXIC AVENGER, and most recently MURDER FOR TWO, which can currently be seen Off-Broadway at New World Stages. Her old website was flash based, and while it was very cool with lots of moving parts, it didn’t work on mobile devices and took a really long time to load. We developed a WordPress version of the site based on the same design aesthetics and ended up with a much more in depth portfolio functionality than she had before.

toxic avenger

We developed an expanding sidebar that displays whichever section of the site you are exploring. Each portfolio item can feature a slideshow imported from flickr, a video imported from vimeo, or a just a single featured image of the project. There are a ton of layers to the site, and you can get lost in all of the shows she has worked on in the past. We can’t wait to see where her career takes her, and look forward to working with her again in the future!


Site Launch – Marni Raab

marni raabNow we have two Christine Daaé’s in our portfolio! Introducing our newest site created for Broadway actress Marni Raab. She is currently sharing the role of Christine in The Phantom of the Opera with Mary Michael Patterson, another client of ours. Marni has been playing Christine for many years now, and recently we updated her online presence from an old iWeb site to what you see now.

After out initial meeting, she decided to have a photoshoot to get a new set of images to use on the site. She and her photographer, Chaz Cruz, went into the alley behind the Majestic Theatre and got some amazing shots. The ones you see on the site are only a sampling of the beautiful photo session.

Marni also helps run Midtown Direct Rep, a theatre company based in New Jersey. We are thrilled to have her as a part of the Roundhouse gang!


Site Launch – Susannah Martin

susannah martinSusannah Martin was referred to us our friend Chris Maikish who designed her last website and couldn’t continue working on the project. Her old site actually looked very similar to what we have designed now, we just converted it to WordPress and made the site a lot larger and easier to use.

The site features a fully integrated portfolio of her work, with embedded flickr slideshows and info about each project. We created a custom post type so that she can add new productions easily and link production photos from her flickr account with ease. We also made a custom sidebar that makes navigation between portfolio items a snap. We’re stoked to have a client from over here on the west coast, and can’t wait to see one of her productions in California!


Site Launch – Nobelle Wines

nobelleWe are proud to introduce the new website for Nobelle Wines, a small batch wine producer based in Paso Robles, CA. We built them a site to showcase their delicious products, and eventually the site will transition into an e-commerce site allowing them to sell their wine nationwide. Visit them at nobellewines.com.