Site Launch – Landing Pages For All!

chet walker

Just wanted to give a preview of some sites we have coming up in the design queue. We’ve launched a temporary splash landing page for each of these and we are stoked to design the full sites soon!

Chet Walker is a director and choreographer who most recently choreographed the Tony Awardwinning revival of PIPPIN. We are building him a WordPress site with a full interactive portfolio of his career. I can’t wait to translate some of his stage magic to the screen.

chet walker

 Franca Vercelloni is an actress and piano player in NYC, most recently she was in A CHRISTMAS CAROL Off Broadway, but you can see her weekly tickling the ivories at Marie’s Crisis. We are building her a simple actress site to help market her performing career.

franca vercelloni



Site Updates – New Sidebars Galore!

Around Alt Summit, we always get a bunch of requests to spruce up a few of our clients blogs to either make them advertiser ready, or fix some cosmetic issues so they are in tip top shape for the big event. Here are a few sites that we updated this month.




For Lovely Indeed, we completely rebuilt her sidebar to accommodate 300 pixel wide sidebar ads and also moved the sidebar up so that those ads could appear above the fold. Additionally, we made a few style updates to create a more cohesive style and color scheme.




Ashley from Sugar & Cloth is a new client of ours. She, Chelsea of Lovely Indeed, and Brittni of Paper & Stitch threw a party at Alt Summit this year, and while we were there we got to talking about a few site updates for her. We updated her sidebar to be 300 pixels wide as well, and also reorganized her site so that the content and sidebar switched places.




Elizabeth of Bonjour & Hola met us through another client of ours (Jess of From Rain to Shine) and just needed a few updates to clean up her site. We helped her figure out post thumbnails, her pinterest integration, and her blog subscription settings.

We’re thrilled to help out all these lovely ladies take their blogs to the next level. Add all their sites to your RSS feed and follow along on their upcoming projects!

Site Launch – Daniel Rostas

daniel rostasDaniel Rostas is an actor currently based in Toronto. He is studying to be a broadcasting personality as well, and asked us to build him a site to feature both sides of his career. Featuring photography by our very own Nick Gaswirth, we put together a site that has a little bit of newscaster edge mixed in with a character actor feel. Check out our newest creation and follow Daniel on twitter, as someday he might even be reading you your five o’clock news.