Site Launch – Rock The Audition

rock the audition

Sheri Sanders has been a long time client of ours for her personal website. Her business website, Rock The Audition, was originally developed as a flash based site by Starving Artist Web Design a few years ago. As flash sites have fallen out of favor, Sheri realized it was time to re-launch the site in a format that was more accessible to all viewers.

Basing the design off of what Lisa over at Starving Artist originally created, we built a brand new framework for the site using HTML5 and PHP. If you are a musical theatre performer, Sheri’s book is a must read, so be sure to get your hands on a copy. She has lots of exciting things coming up, including a new project called Rock The Performance, which will feature her teachings in an all new online environment. Stay tuned to see what is coming next!

Site Launch – Georgia Stitt


This site has actually been in soft launch for a few months now, but we are thrilled to announce it to the world this week! Georgia Stitt is a fantastic musical theatre composer that Nick and I both met while we were students at The University of Michigan. We all worked on a workshop production of her musical, The Water, there in 2004. Cut to 10 years later, and she reached out to us about building her a new website.

Georgia wanted a comprehensive site where all of her projects and music could be consolidated into one location. So we built her a full database of songs, albums, and shows organized and linked by relevant variables. On the site, you can click on a song to view audio, video, lyrics, and see all the available links to purchase sheet music. The site also allows her to blog, as well as post information about her appearances and reviews.


Site Launch – The Paper Mama



Chelsey Andrews is one of our favorite blogger friends that we met during our adventures at Alt Summit a few years ago. Last year, we collaborated with her and Chelsea from Lovely Indeed on their DIY ebook, Make Your Day. And now, we have helped her relaunch her blog, The Paper Mama, with a brand spanking new design!

Her old design had a lot of hand-drawn flower elements that she was tired of, so we came up with a fresh floral design that kept the same aesthetic. The new site is both vintage and modern, and allows her to feature her posts in new ways. We built her a custom featured post category feed and a sidebar display for her favorite posts that are all controlled by meta-boxes on the post dashboard.

She had transferred her blog over to WordPress from Blogger a few years ago, and there were a ton of strange artifacts from that transition. We helped clean up her tags and categories, as well as set some image filename paths straight, and now her whole site is running super fast and super smooth. Can’t wait to see some of her summer projects this year!

Site Re-Launch – Roundhouse Designs

Roundhouse Designs


For the past couple of years, our portfolio site and this here blog have been living on an adapted WordPress theme. Which meant that we, a design firm touting our WordPress building skills, were using someone else’s code to show off our stuff. Come on guys, be better than the Gap.

So we finally did it, we threw out the old theme and built ourselves one from scratch. Check out that fancy parallax home page. Check out that fancy menu button and sliding in navigation. Check out that fancy portfolio item fade in. Oh, you want to look at it on your phone? By all means, check out the fully compatible mobile and tablet versions too. Boom!