Site Launch – 10 Chairs

10 chairs

We had the pleasure of meeting Patricia Williams at one of her 10 Chairs events and got to eat some of her incredibly delicious cooking. She has created an awesome new and experimental way to experience food; in a small setting surrounded by friends and eating foods prepared with the finest ingredients. Every few weeks she holds a gathering where she cooks a gourmet meal for a select group of people. Trust me, you want to get on her mailing list and get invited to her next event.

Previously, she was just promoting the events on facebook and posting the menus and food photography there on the social network. We built her a WordPress site where she can blog about each night’s menu, show off the photos of her delicious food, and invite people to join the 10 Chairs mailing list. It is a beautiful scrolling site that features some parallax movement. Check out some of her recent posts, and if you are in New York City, sign up to partake in an evening of unbelievable flavors.

Site Re-launch – Blaire Baker

blaire baker

Blaire Baker has been a client of ours for a few years. She recently got a whole new set of headshots from Dirty Sugar Photography and wanted to update her website to match. We decided to feature those beautiful shots in all their full screen glory and build a single page scrolling parallax site for her. Plus, it’s fully responsive and resizes to fit any size browser window or device. We so fancy!