A site for sore eyes – Aaron J. Albano

I spend a lot of time clicking around the interwebs looking for inspiration from other actor sites. Occasionally, I run across a site that is an absolute breath of fresh air in comparison to most of the performer websites out there. I’m going to start featuring the best of the bunch here on the blog. First up is Aaron J. Albano:

Aaron Albano Home

Aaron is currently hoofing it as Finch in Disney’s NEWSIES on Broadway 8 shows a week. His site is a great example of a “box model” with clever design elements and photo integration. You get such a clear vision of his personality and who he is as a performer.

Aaron Albano Resume

His site was actually the inspiration for a lot of my early site designs, and you can still see the influence in my personal site. The “box model” has actually evolved nicely into modern design because of tablet computers. Sites like this fit perfectly onto an iPad screen.

Aaron Albano Media

Aaron’s site was built by Monogenes Designs, which sadly appears to have stopped operating. The designer’s real name is Angela Lin, another Broadway performer most recently seen in CHINGLISH. I hope she is still designing even if her portfolio site is down, as her sites are some of my favorites and I want to see more of them in the future.

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