November Contributions


It’s getting to be that special time of year! Check out all the posts I’ve written around the web this past month. I’ll just be over here decorating for Christmas and eating cookies.

DIY Salt Dough Ornaments

Holiday Decorating From a Guy’s Perspective

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Transferring Digital Files Between Family Members

Tricks or Treats? 6 Fall Must-Dos to Love or Loathe This Season

The Best Cell Phones For Kids

October Contributions


Some Creepy Crawly sidewalk printables up on Momtastic this month. Check out this and a few of my other contributions from around the web.

Creepy Crawlers Sidewalk for Halloween

Fall Dad Style: Grandpa Sweaters & Cardigans

How to Make the Most of Your Staycation

Cheap and Easy Light Fixtures

DIY Flag Football

Keeping You Digital Information Organized and Accessible

How To Safely Put Out A Fire

Best IFTT Recipes to Streamline Your Life

National Preparedness Month From A Techie Perspective

September Contributions


This pizza is my favorite meal to make at home. Check out the recipe along with all my other contributions from this month.

How to Make The Perfect At Home Pizza Using Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough

How Can Farmer’s Markets Save You Money

Data Storage and Fraud Awareness

10 Trader Joe’s Essentials

21 Kid-Friendly Games for the Backyard or Lawn

Best Projectors for Outdoor Movies

DIY Road Trip Bingo

Looking For The Perfect Baby Name

Roundhouse Contributions


In case you haven’t heard, I’m gonna be a dad! And in honor of my first Father’s Day, I have started blogging for a new site called Momtastic. You can follow along over there as Chelsea and I navigate our adventures in parenthood.

DIY Hair Pomade for Father’s Day

And as usual, I am still blogging along at the Neighborhood. Be sure to see what Vivint has been cooking up this month!

Alternative Energy of the Future

Records and Information Month

Cell Phone Hygiene

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage

Drinking Water Month