Site Launch – Centsational Girl


We are super stoked to launch a redesign for Kate Riley of Centsational Girl, one of the top interior decorating websites on the internet. Kate has been blogging since about 2009, and now amasses almost a million pageviews a month! We feel pretty fancy having our name on the bottom of her site, and we couldn’t be happier with how the design turned out.

For this redesign, she didn’t want anything too outside of the box, so we just created a clean and mobile responsive layout built custom to showcase her content. We added a featured post slider, integrated our custom related posts plugin, and set up a whole new way of interacting with her post categories. It is now easier than ever to dig into her archives and read about all of her popular projects from over the years.

She has a full roundup of all of the sites new features, so go read about it all on the actual site and tell her we said hello!

Site Launch – Joseph Leo Bwarie


We are happy to announce the new site design for Joseph Leo Bwarie! You can currently catch him breaking hearts 8 shows a week as Frankie Valli in JERSEY BOYS on Broadway. If you’d prefer the swinging sounds of his voice in the comfort of your own home, you can pre-order his new album right on the site.

Site Launch – Nicole Dalto


I love all of the random connections between our clients. We just launched a site for the lovely Nicole Dalto, and it turns out that she was in the first show that my wife Chelsea did in NYC. Super small world! We built her a simple one page website, that covers everything a funny, classy, and smart actress could need. Go check it out.

Site Launch – Ryan Foy


Remember when you design websites for a living and you realize your personal website has the same old school html framework from 2009? Yeah, we fixed that up real quick. I went out and took a few new photos and put them into our scrolly framework. Check out the new and be sure to follow me on instagram!

Site Launch – My Broadway Body


We’ve had countless friends get snatched while working out at Mark Fisher Fitness in New York. If you want to get the body of a Broadway star, it is the place to help you become a fitness ninja. And starting this week, you can get those workouts in the comfort of your own home! We are super stoked to launch My Broadway Body, an online workout source from the unicorns behind MFF.

This site was a massive undertaking for us, and we are ecstatic to finally have it open to the public. We built out a custom WordPress site that integrates multiple software programs to create a library of articles, workout videos, and even a member forum. The site is fully responsive, so you can take the workouts with you anywhere you go. Perfect for the working actor on the road who needs to stay in shape in their hotel room. Go check out the site and see all that it has to offer.

Site Launch – Michael Korie


Our newest portfolio site is up online for Tony® nominated lyricist and librettist Michael Korie. With a couple of gorgeous shots from our favorite photographer Matt Murphy, we created a clean and classy layout to showcase all of Michael’s work. The site has a section for each of his previous works, including Grey Gardens and the recent Dr. Zhivago. Each project features a photo gallery and a complete history of all major productions. We also created a simple store where you can link to purchase any of his published works, and a calendar where you can see what he has coming up next. Go click around and check out our newest theme layout.

Site Launch – Jennifer Blood

Jennifer BloodIf the national tour of Matilda is coming through your town this year, be sure to go see it and cheer on our newest client Jennifer Blood, who is playing Matilda’s teacher Miss Honey in the show. We built her a new site to replace her old Wix design that features a parallax scroller with a mini-blog of her latest news. Aren’t these photos of her gorgeous?


Site Launch – Mark Philip Lichtenstein


Mark Philip Lichtenstein is an awesome filmmaker that also happens to be a an amazing magician. We built him a portfolio site to house all of his film projects, and also serve as a photography blog. His photos are often dark and mysterious, and are really cool to explore on the site. Check out some of his films, and take a look at his full series “In Game” that looks at Live Action Role Playing in a whole new light.

Site Re-Launch – Damask Love


Amber of Damask Love has been one our biggest supporters since we transitioned her from Blogger to WordPress a few years ago, so we were more than thrilled to help rebrand and redesign her site this spring. We pulled some ideas from her old site, like her love of pink and paper products, and turned it into a fully responsive editorial layout that is more in line with today’s blogging standards.
We also added a store where readers can shop for all of her favorite crafting products, and video library to help beginning crafters get started, and an awesome new structure for all of her categories and tags. Go check out this gorgeous new site, and follow @damasklove on instagram too! She has stepped up her photo game and is a ‘grammer to look out for.