Site For Sore Eyes – Elizabeth Stanley

elizabeth stanleyI came across this beautiful site for Broadway actress Elizabeth Stanley, and I had to share it. It is a great example of simplicity in design that showcases her and her photos so well. The most striking feature of this site is the side scrolling photo galleries on the home page and on the photos page. While this site was built with a simple theme on a do-it-yourself web builder program, she found clever ways to customize it to make it her own. I can’t wait to see her in her next big show.

Site For Sore Eyes – Luke Marinkovich

lukemarinkovichI came across this website when I was looking at the cast list for the new musical THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY. This actor has been in SLEEP NO MORE for the past few months, and has an awesome online presence. The site is really cohesive and makes an excellent use of color and texture. The moving elements do a great job of focusing the viewers eye, and there are some great subtle icon changes when you explore each page. With a very web 2.0 interface, it is the best example of this style that I have seen used for a performer.


A Site for Sore Eyes – Tom Burke Voice Studio

tomburkeTom Burke saved my voice a few years ago. I had just come back from a stressful job with a ton of uncomfortable travel, and my body was in bad shape. Due to that, the upper register of my voice had all but disappeared. I went and took some lessons with Tom, and with his help (plus some yoga and a chiropractor) I was back in top shape lickety split.

Tom runs a voice studio in New York, and also teaches lessons via the web. His new website is clean and beautiful, and is also super clever. The slideshow on the homepage has a bunch of different images all with dual meanings. Each photograph features a certain type of actor, and is accompanied by a phrase that references a musical theatre piece and also just references the actor’s voice training and personality. It is an incredibly effective marketing technique, and I thought I would share a few of my favorites here. Can you guess which show they refer to?

queen newsies mormon matilda dreamgirls



A Site for Sore Eyes – Alison Logan

Alison Logan

I came across this site yesterday and it literally blew my mind. With the recent trends of minimalism in web design, it has been a while since I have seen such a well designed layout of a site. This use of photography and scrolling are truly inspired. While I could take or leave some of the tongue in cheek parts of the site (like the domain name), you really get a sense of who this girl is and what kind of parts she wants to play. Every actor should strive to have such a comprehensive online presence.

Alison Logan


A Site For Sore Eyes – Manna Nichols

I met Manna Nichols a few years ago outside of the Actors’ Equity Building, waiting in line for an early morning appointment to get our taxes done. She was a friendly newcomer to NYC, and ever since we met I have kept an eye on Playbill for her name to pop up. And lo and behold, a few months ago it did. She was playing Eliza Doolittle in Arena Stage’s production of MY FAIR LADY and I immediately went to check out her website to see what else was going on with her.

Manna Nichols


What I found was a beautiful little site that features her appearances and her career wonderfully. I love the color palette they are using on the site; a stark white background with a color range from orange to maroon that really make the photos pop. Be sure to check out her gallery page as her modeling photography is simply breathtaking. Congrats to her on all her recent success, and kudos to having a beautiful website.

A Site For Sore Eyes – J. Casey Barrett

Here is another example of a single-page scrolling site like this one that I featured a few weeks ago. I love sites like this, and I am waiting for the right opportunity to build one that utilizes this cool technique. This site is for J. Casey Barrett, a performer who is about to go on tour with The Book of Mormon. I can’t tell who designed the site, but I love the color scheme and the beautiful design elements.

While I love the scrolling elements, I would suggest to add a bit of navigation to the site. As it stands now, there is no way to jump down to a specific section of the site, you have to scroll through each section in order. This may get especially tricky for him once he starts adding more news items to the page. Go scroll around a bit and see what you think.

In unrelated news, congratulations are in order for Nick Gaswirth who is making his Broadway debut tonight in A Christmas Story! Huzzah!


A Site for Sore Eyes – Andrew Keenan-Bolger

Andrew Keenan-Bolger

I love the trend of super simple, yet highly functional websites. Clean white backgrounds, pretty photos, and clearly laid out content are just so refreshing to look at after you have been bombarded by some of the flash of an over complicated design. Andrew Keenan-Bolger has a strong and varied online presence, but his personal website keeps it simple.

Andrew Keenan-Bolger

Based on one photo and a carefully chosen font, you already know a ton of information about Andrew as a performer and as a person. From his own blog to his critically lauded web series, Submissions Only, Andrew is all over the web and is one of the faces of Broadway’s digital future. If you are in New York, you can catch him playing Crutchie in NEWSIES on Broadway.

Andrew Keenan-Bolger

A Site For Sore Eyes – Noah Weisberg

Noah Weisberg

Noah Weisberg is a talented actor and he has a website that perfectly matches his personality and showmanship. You can tell this website was designed by a marketing/producing firm because it makes you want to buy whatever this guy is selling. He just happens to be selling himself, which too many actors forget to do with their marketing materials. His domain name is even asking for work: Weisberg

The site is really funny and never takes itself too seriously. All of the photography on the site was done by Laura Marie Duncan, one of my favorite New York photographers, and it perfectly embodies every aspect of Noah’s talents. Kudos to Davenport Theatrical for putting together such an awesome showcase for Noah.

Noah's Resume

A Site For Sore Eyes – Mike Kelton

Mike Kelton

This site just makes me laugh, and I really appreciate that. Mike Kelton is another friend of ours from Michigan, and he is making quite a name for himself out there in celebrity land. His site is designed by Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld and it is hilarious. Whether he is confronting the Naked Cowboy in Times Square dressed as a Naked Indian or bartending for Watch What Happens Live! on Bravo, his antics are guaranteed to make you chuckle.

Mike Kelton

Mike Kelton

A Site For Sore Eyes – Chelsea O'Connor

Chelsea O'Connor

Chelsea is a friend of ours from Michigan, and her site is an example of a WordPress template used to its full advantage to show off her skills. The site is based off of a single page grid-based WordPress theme called Gridfolio. I love how her whole site exists on one long scrolling page, and that her navigation will jump you down to the corresponding information with some fancy javascript.

Chelsea O'Connor

The site is super clean and presents an awesome showcase for Chelsea.  She has a great photo gallery that shows off her personality and an ever important reel section that every actor should have. You can also tell from her personal blog posts that she is a funny gal and someone that you would want to work with.

Chelsea O'Connor

Kudos to her friend Steve Metz for putting it together. I can’t wait to see what TV show she pops up in next.