Altitude Design Summit

alt lake city

I am so excited to head to AltSummit this year! My wife, Chelsea, is speaking on a panel about Pinterest and DIY’s; I am so proud of her and how far Lovely Indeed has come over the past couple of years.

I am super pumped to meet a bunch of new people and hopefully help some bloggers revamp their web presence. I also get to hang out with a few of our clients face to face! Both Amber from Damask Love and Rachel from Lupa & Pepi will be there. If you’d like to follow along on our adventures this year, we will be posting all weekend long on Instagram (@ryan_foy and @chelsea_costa).

Alt Summit

Alt Summit

Alt SummitLast year I went to Alt Summit in Salt Lake City with my wife. It is a conference for bloggers, and I was probably one of only 10 guys there with what felt like a million ladies. While the focus of the conference is definitely geared towards women with lifestyle, food, or fashion blogs; I learned a ton of great information and made some great connections. Having designed two blogs that would fit right in at Alt this year, and with two more in the pipeline, I would love for the chance to go again and hand out some business cards to all those fashionistas who might need a redesign of their site soon.

Alt has also ramped up their own blog recently with some awesome posts for anyone in the internet business. The great thing about their advice is that it puts beauty and simplicity above all else. The tech jargon of dealing with SEO and updating facebook pages to timeline is put in terms that anyone can understand. For blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog. And check out the awesome photo of Chelsea and me at last year’s white party.

White Party

Image via Lovely Indeed and Moss and Isaac


Instagram on iPad

I’m a little late to the Instagram game since I don’t have an iPhone.  I’m really happy that it was finally released on Android, but the experience just isn’t as easy to use, so I don’t use it that often.  One of the most annoying features about Instagram is the lack of web or iPad version.  There is no native way to view your network on anything but your smartphone screen.

Instagram on iPad

Another social network that is in severe need of an iPad app is Pinterest. I was an early user of Pinterest, back when I was one out of 100 guys on the entire network. So I was really excited to see when some rogue developers decided to mash up the two ideas and make Pinstagram.

Pinstagram on iPad

Pinstagram takes all of your Instagram photos and loads them up in a Pinterest-style grid. It is clean, easy to use, and so much nicer than any other Instagram web viewer out there. I highly recommend checking it out before it gets shut down for copyright infringement or something silly like that.  My one caveat for them, hire a logo designer.

Pinstagram logo