Site Launch – Nicolosi & Co.

nicolosiWe are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest website for Nicolosi & Co. There has been a bit of a walled garden when it comes to talent agents, meaning their websites are usually just a logo with no contact information or anything else on the site. We are glad to see a bit of a change in the industry where agents are more willing to use the internet effectively, for both gathering new clients and getting the word out about their existing clients.

We have been big fans of Jeanne Nicolosi for a long time, as she is one of the classiest talent agents in the business. For her new site, she wanted a way to share her client photos, resumes, and acting reels to industry professionals in a streamlined way. In the past, it has been a cobbled together process of email attachments and links to password protected video files. We built a client profile system where each actor can have their own page with all of their relevant information. Casting agents and directors can now see everything in one place.

Additionally, the site has a news feed where Jeanne and her team can share recent news about her clients. We’ll be watching as some of her boys knock ’em dead in season 2 of Looking on HBO. We hope this new site will bring lots more work to all of Nicolosi’s amazing clients, on Broadway and on screen.


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